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Step 1: You have taken the first step to find out if you are at risk for genetic COPD

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Your AlphaID™ package will include:

Locate a healthcare professional with experience screening for alpha-1

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Locate a healthcare professional near you with experience in screening for alpha-1.

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Step 2: Bring your AlphaID to your healthcare professional's office to get screened for genetic COPD

Remember, only a healthcare professional can screen you and receive your confidential results. The AlphaID and processing of the results are free, at no cost to you.*

It is a good idea to put a reminder on your calendar, so you don't forget to take your AlphaID with you. Also review the Alpha-1 Discussion Guide that's designed to help you talk to your healthcare professional about your COPD.




Need to find a healthcare professional with experience screening for alpha-1?

Finding a healthcare professional with experience in screening for alpha-1, a rare genetic condition, is important. Click below for a list of healthcare professionals who have experience screening for risk of alpha-1. It can make an important difference. If your healthcare professional then confirms a diagnosis of alpha-1, treatment options may be available.

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