Automate blood separation with integrated and programmable tools.

  • Up to 5 scales (4 integrated and 1 optional) to weigh all blood components
  • 5 programmable sealing clamps
  • 2 programmable presses for pressure, speed, and position
  • 2 optical sensors (one in the main press to control the buffy coat position)
  • Automatic flow regulator
  • Automatic air removal procedures


Customize preparation with a wide range of configurable options.

  • Compatible with most of the commercially available blood bags: conventional, top and bottom, and inline filters
  • 16 preloaded separation programs (up to 50 can be configured using the data management software)
  • Main press with parallel and skew movement for optimum recovery of blood components
  • Optional barcode reader and sealing handgun


Safeguard separation data with external information systems.

  • Process and transfer separation data with the data management software
  • Connect the Fractiomatic separator via RS485, ethernet, or Wi-Fi


Improve data accuracy through precise calibration and feedback.

  • Automatic calibration of optical sensors in all blood separation procedures
  • LED indicators for the correct positioning of tubes and sealer clamps used throughout the separation procedure

This information is intended for physicians and healthcare professionals only.

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