Make daily work easier with a compact design that adapts to lab workflows

  • For variable lab configurations, combine different models of Q Analyzers using the same software
  • Universal reagents and consumables are used across the different Q Analyzers models
  • Connect several Q Analyzers units as a network to manage all lots, programming, and results through a single workstation (unique LIS connection)


Automatically perform all stages of hemostasis testing with sample entry flexibility and fully random access operational mode.

  • Combine primary closed/opened tubes, pediatric tubes, and micro-tubes without adaptors
  • No need of adaptors for reagents
  • Simple and open programming of reagents and tests
  • Test hemostasis parameters by means of clotting, chromogenic, and turbidimetric methods
  • Random access to routine and special tests


Obtain the first results quickly with uninterrupted routine panels

  • Reduced time to first results: <4 min for PT/INR and <9 min for PT/APTT
  • Ready-to-use liquid reagents offer high quality with no reconstitution errors or stabilization delays
  • Continuous loading of samples
  • Automatically identify samples and reagents with internal barcode reader
  • Minimize reagent dead volume with tilted reagent positions
  • Automatic daily maintenance

High Capacity

Optimize the execution of test profiles with precision and accuracy.

  • Capacity of 60 citrated sample tubes or secondary sample containers with continuous loading
  • 30 cooled reagent positions: maximizes on-board stability
  • Highest autonomy including 400 cuvettes with continuous loading of cuvettes
  • Throughput of 200 PT/h


Deliver high-quality results

  • Sample level check and correct pipetting detection with automatic detection of air bubbles and obstructions (e.g. clots)
  • Automatic HIL check with no extra cuvette, sample, or reagent use
  • Check the integrity of the primary curves to ensure the quality of the results (e.g. linearity problems, absorbance increase too weak, etc.) and provide additional information about the sample (e.g. low fibrinogen content, etc.)
  • Comprehensive QC package with automated scheduling of QC and Westgard rules and Levey-Jennings charts available
  • Easy-to-use system software designed to simplify ISO 15189 regulatory compliance

Accessories & Consumables

QWaste Tray
QSample Holders
QSample Holders Red

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