AlphaID™ At Home makes it easy to discover your risk for genetic COPD.

The AlphaID At Home Saliva Collection Kit has the supplies you need to find out your risk for genetic COPD, a condition called alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, or AATD (also referred to as alpha-1). Simply collect a small saliva sample by swabbing the inside of your cheek from the comfort of your home.

The AlphaID At Home Genetic Health Risk Service is an FDA-cleared service that detects 14 variants in the SERPINA1 gene linked to AATD with at least 99% accuracy. The Service also determines your risk for developing lung disease linked to AATD, compared with the general population. If you are diagnosed with AATD, treatment options may exist.*

How AlphaID™ At Home works:

In just a few steps, you can know your risk level for developing lung disease linked to AATD:

  1. Start today by ordering your free kit - it contains all the supplies you need to collect and mail your saliva sample. The postage and lab processing are also included at no charge.
  2. Register your kit.
  3. Collect your saliva sample.
  4. Mail your sample to the lab. You will receive an email when your sample is received and when your report is ready.
  5. Log on to your secure account to view your report to learn your risk.

Along the way, we'll provide helpful updates about each step. Now, take the first step to learning your risk.

If you have COPD, you should know your risk for AATD.

Having low levels of alpha-1 antitrypsin can leave your lungs vulnerable to serious damage. According to the COPD Foundation, the World Health Organization (WHO), the American Thoracic Society, and the GOLD COPD guidelines, if you've been diagnosed with COPD, you should find out if you are at risk of AATD.1-4 If your healthcare professional then confirms a diagnosis of AATD, talk to them about potential treatment options.

If you learn you’re at risk, there’s more you can do.

Only a healthcare professional can diagnose AATD, so regardless of your risk, be sure to share your AlphaID At Home Genetic Health Risk Service Report with them. After reviewing your report, your healthcare professional may want to perform tests, like the AlphaID™ CONFIRM, or another test your healthcare professional chooses, to reach an AATD diagnosis.

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*Talk to your doctor about possible treatment options.
The AlphaID At Home Genetic Health Risk Service, including the kit, is provided for free and may not be billed to patients or their insurers. There is no obligation to purchase or use any product or service offered by any manufacturer.
AlphaID CONFIRM contains an FDA-cleared and laboratory-developed test. The use of AlphaID CONFIRM does not obligate you to purchase or use any product of service offered by any manufacturer.


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